Hello there. I’m phatblat, aka Ben Chatelain, and this is my reflog. You’ll find me as phatblat on all the things.

By day I write iOS apps for Kaiser Permanente. The main project I’m working on now is the Every Body Walk! app for iPhone and Apple Watch. I have done a lot of work on the flagship Kaiser Permanente app, as well as dozens of internal enterprise apps. I maintain our internal CocoaPods private pod libraries and help out with CI.

By night I contribute to ObjectiveGit and many other open source projects. I’ve been working on a git app for iOS for several years now. Who knows if I’ll ever release it.

This blog is built using Octopress 3 and hosted on GitHub Pages with a custom domain. If you find errors, I’d love it if you could open an issue or, better yet, just use the GitHub web editor to fix it send me a PR.

Note that the source of this blog is in a different repo than the generated HTML content.