Hello there. I’m Ben Chatelain and this is my reflog. You’ll find me as @phatblat on all the things.

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I work for Kaiser Permanente in the Mobility Center of Excellence. My team maintains a suite of reusable libraries that are used in many internal and external iOS and Android apps. We provide an internal DevOps solution called the Mobile Delivery Pipeline, which includes a custom Gradle plugin (100% Kotlin), a Jenkins Shared Library, and tailored macOS VM image. I also consult with various development teams across our company on mobile app architecture, build and development issues.

Work Projects

  • Mobile Development Kit (MDK)
    • suite of 20+ iOS and 10+ Android inner-source libraries
    • used by dozens of apps for consumers (public app stores), clinicians and workforce (internal app store)
    • e.g. authentication, security, analytics, environment config, test users
  • Mobile Delivery Pipeline
    • continuous deployment for iOS and Android apps and libraries across Kaiser Permanente
    • Jenkins Pipeline Shared library (Groovy) for a simple Jenkinsfile DSL
    • custom Gradle plugin exposing standard tasks, simplifying configuration and orchestrating the Android Gradle Plugin and Xcode
    • macOS virtual machines configured using a recipe of scripts
    • docs, samples, support and many presentations involving emoji, costumes and props
  • Kaiser Permanente app
    • iOS & Android
    • our “flagship” app used by millions of our members
  • Every Body Walk!
    • iOS & Android
    • our first Apple Watch app
    • retired in 2017
  • Firefly
    • iPad app for nurses and doctors to locate staff and equipment located throughout an ER
    • used ultrasonic and RFID tags to track people and things, respectively

Personal Projects

I’m a big (phat?) open source contributor and everything I can share is in a public repo on GitHub. There are a lot of dead projects, but here are some of the more interesting ones.

Open Source

I’m a core contributor on some projects you may have heard of.


This blog is built using Jekyll with the help of a handful of plugins. If you find typos or dead links, please open an issue or, better yet, just use the GitHub web editor to fix it send me a PR.

Note that the source of this blog is in a different repo than the generated static content.